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Why Obama is good for McCain, or why McCain is good for Clinton

Posted in Politics by wolfsbayne on April 29, 2008

Up to this point Obama and Clinton have been trying to look good to the folksClinton and Obama in their own party, and that will continue until the super delegates decide how they’re gonna cast. Trying to look the most “democratic” in an all democrat race doesn’t really tell much – except how well voters don’t think you’re sucking up.

What happens after the dems select their candidate? Well, I don’t think too many folks have thought that far down the pike.

McCainMy simple prediction is this: if by some strange chance Obama actually pulls it off (I know he’s ahead today, but the super delegates are still the wild card!), then McCain is gonna trounce him handily. However, if Clinton wins the nomination, then things get closer against McCain.

Like I mentioned above, the dems are still duking it out and they aren’t really trying to relate to the masses yet. The focus is still very much on saying what they think will get them the nomination. After the nominee is selected, they will have to face off against their republican counterpart.

This is where Obama loses handily against McCain. For all you Obama loversOJ out there, you have to realize that his voting record reveals him to be the most liberal Senator in the district ( I’m certain America doesn’t want someone to be at either extreme end of the political spectrum. Other than him being black and articulate (referring to the earlier brouhaha that mentioned him being articulate as if it were a shock to be both), his record of voting isn’t at all impressive. Besides, O.J. is black and articulate too.

Obama on illegal aliensThe fight between Clinton and McCain looks like the one that would really go the distance. Especially, since Clinton is closer to the middle than Obama. The one thing that won’t get better under any of these folks as president is the illegal alien problem. All three of these candidates are brain-dead with regards to that issue.

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