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Failed “Bailout” and Dave Ramsey’s Common Sense Fix to the Economy

Posted in Economy, Finance by wolfsbayne on September 30, 2008

Interesting that many of Obama’s supporters in the Democrats’ Congressional Black Caucus, including Jesse Jackson Jr., of Chicago (where Barack’s from), voted “no” to the “bailout” bill. As I predicted, those Dems close to Obama are dragging their heels to resolve the financial problem because they know the longer there’s a “crisis” it will play into Obama’s favor, even though McCain had nothing to do with it. In all, 94 Democrats voted “no” for the “bailout” bill. As we should know, McCain called for reform and oversight into Freddie and Fannie a couple years ago while Dems blocked the proposal, because some of the Dems’ biggest supporters were running Freddie and Fannie. The everyman is as polar and ignorant as ever this year. However, I’m glad the bill didn’t pass, but for different reasons, obviously.

What does financial expert, Dave Ramsey, have to say about fixing the economy? Take a look at Dave’s proposal in the following pdf.

Dave Ramsey The Common Sense Fix to the Economy – Get more Docstoc Buzz