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Gmail Down Tonight – #Fail

Posted in Technology by wolfsbayne on February 24, 2009

I wonder if this is karma due to a few Google execs love affair with certain shady businesses. You know who you are.

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Using Regular Expressions With Yahoo Pipes

Posted in Programming, Technology by wolfsbayne on January 11, 2009
yahoo pipes

yahoo pipes

Occasionally, you’ll want to manipulate the data you’re working with in Yahoo Pipes. Utilizing Regular Expressions can make the task fairly simple. Here are some great references I found while recently working on such a task. Enjoy! Oh, and if you find any errors, please let me know so I can update this document. **

++ Regular Expressions in Yahoo Pipes

* [ official Yahoo Pipes RegEx documentation]

+++ The basics

The RegEx module is one of the most powerful modules in Yahoo Pipes. You can do all kind of data transformations with it. This wiki page here would like to give you a short overview.

**Please note**: Like in the Yahoo Pipes discussions, I put RegEx patterns within square brackets. That way, you can distinguish for example [] and [ ] easily. Please omit the square brackets unless noted otherwise.

+++ The Modifiers

You might have noticed four checkboxes next to each RegEx line. Those are used for modifying the way the RegEx behaves and succeeded the so called “embedded pattern-match modifiers”. But they did not completely replace them.

In fact, you can use the modifiers “I, M, S and X” in embedded notation, while the checkboxes offer the options “I, M, S and G”. So there’s no X for checkboxes while there’s no G for the embedded notification.

The answer is taken from the [ Yahoo Pipes Discussions] and updated with information from [ RegEx documentation started].

**What they do**

* **g** allow global matches. set=match every occurence; unset=match only first occurence.
* **i** be case insensitive. set=’A’ equals ‘a’; unset ‘A’ and ‘a’ are treated differently
* **m** treat string as multiple lines. set=’^’ matches every start of string after a \\n and/or \\r . unset=’^’ matches only the very first character in the string.
* **s** allow ‘.’ to match new lines as well. set=’.’ matches ‘\\n’. unset=’.’ does not match ‘\\n’.
* **x** allow white spaces and comments within an expression.

**Embedded Notation**

[ Hapdaniel] from the Yahoo Pipes Discussions points out, the original form of specifying those flags is the “embedded notation”. If you prefix your RegEx with a (?x), you’ll set the X-modificator. You cannot set a (?g) that way, though.

**Checkbox Notation**

To activate one of the checkbox-flags, just tick it. You can tick as many flags as you like. Except the X-flag, which apparently is not available as checkbox.

+++ Common patterns

**Matching empty**

What, if you want to match “nothing”? [ Hapdaniel] has the solution:

* [^(?!.)]

**Matching not empty**

And here’s the opposite, again from the suggestion thread.

* [^(?=.)]

**Removing whitespace**

Sometimes, you’d like to remove all the linefeeds and unwanted spaces out of a field. I usually use a three- to fourfold approach to that. For each of the following replacements, use +g (the global flag)

# replace [\\n] (line feed) with [ ]
# replace [\\r] (carriage return) with [ ]
# (as needed) replace all [
] (html break) with [ ]
# replace [\\s+] (all whitespace occurrences) with [ ]

With 1 and 2, you remove all hard linefeeds. With 3, you remove all “logical” linefeeds (the ones that only get rendered, when the field is interpreted as html). with 4, you make the result more compact. If for example you have 3 or more spaces in a row, those will be reduced to just one space.

**Using reserved characters**

In RegEx, some characters are “reserved”. That means, they are not used literally, but instead used as functions. Examples:

* [.] — one arbitrary character. if +s flag is set, this includes the new-line character (\\n). if +s flag is unset, the dot does not include the new-line character.
* [\\d] — one digit. (0..9)
* [\\n] — new line, like in C
* [\\r] — carriage return, like in C
* [\\s] — one space character. Includes ‘ ‘ and tabs (\\t)

* [^] — beginning of string. If +m flag is set, this matches every start of a line. a line is then defined as something at the very start of the string or something after a new line (‘\\n’). If +m flag is unset, this matches only the very first character of the string.

* [$] — end of string. If +m flag is set, this matches every end of a line. if +m flag is unset, this matches only the very last character of the string.

* [()] — groups. You can use the groups matched in the replacement field. For example replace [(\\d)] with [0$1] results in a leading zero added.
* [[]] — character groups. For example, [123] matches 1, 2 or 3.

* [!\\d] — combination. ! means not, \\d means digit. So one character, being everything but a digit, is matched here
* [\\d*] — ‘*’ means: 0 to n matches. This would match no or up to infinite digits.
* [\\d+] — ‘+’ means: 1 to n matches. At least one. This would match one or more digits.

To “escape” reserved characters, that is to match them literally, you put a backslash in front. For example, matching [ (twitter)] is possible by using \\(twitter\\).

**Removing html tags**

From a post in the [ Yahoo Pipes Discussion].

* [<[^>]*>] – please note that this translates to something like <[^>]*> . matches every term that’s within <>.
* [<.*?>] – similar to the first statement, but “lazy match”. Not as efficient.

**Showing Images**

From a post in the [ Yahoo Pipes Discussion]. Sometimes, one of your field contains just an image URL. You’d like to replace that URL with an image tag, so it is rendered as an image.

* Replace [(.*)] with [<img src=”$1″ alt=”” />]

**Prefixing something**

Sometimes, you’d like to add something in front of a field. For example, to add a “Yahoo: ” in front of every title, you could

* Replace [(^)] with [Yahoo: $1]

$1 matches the first group used (we have only one group in this example). And ^ matches the beginning of the expression.

Source: []RegEx documentation started]

**Postfixing something**

And to suffix something, you’d use a $ instead of the ^.

* Replace [($)] with [Yahoo: $1]

Source: [ RegEx documentation started]

**Translating dates**

What, if you want to change a date of format mm/dd/yy to the ISO equivalent of yyyy-mm-dd ? You could use an expression like this one:

* Replace [(\\d\\d)\\/(\\d\\d)\\/(\\d\\d)] with [20$3-$1-$2]

Here, we have three groups. In the result, I also prefix a “20” as the year was specified only with two digits.

**Convert to Uppercase**

Also from a [ Yahoo Pipes Discussion]. You can use the \\U flag to convert something to uppercase. For example

* replace [(.*)] with [\\U$1]

**Convert to Lowercase**

No surprise here, you can use the \\L flag to convert something to lowercase

* replace [(.*)] with [\\L$1]

**from a text file online

I’m In The Twitter Timeline Again, But Now President Bush’s Speechwriter Isn’t #fail

Posted in Politics, Social, Technology by wolfsbayne on January 11, 2009

…as of 3 weeks ago.

I was a bad blogger and didn’t follow up after I posted to Twitter regarding being back in the timeline.

The short: I didn’t hear anything from the Twitter folks until I posted on, a public customer service website where twitter has a presence. Within a couple days I was miraculously back in the timeline. Kudos to services like GS. Here’s the link to the thread at GS:

When I was finally contacted by Twitter, I received an email from them. They didn’t reply to the thread at GS. Twitter claimed I was reported as a “spammer” and it took them over a month to “research” whether or not I was a spammer. So, either a.) it’s all B.S. and people in the Twitter San Francisco HQ are sympathetic to liberal causes, will censor you, and then will drag their heels to resolve an issue like this until you make your grievance public or b.) Twitter’s system is easily gamed, whereby if enough people block you, you get blacklisted and then Twitter’s support will…drag their heels to resolve an issue like this. I mean, we’re talking about people living and working in San Francisco. It’s not really a bastion of conservative thinking in NorCal is it? Sure, have a good laugh at the conservatives being censored, right?

What prompted me to post a followup today was the fact that I just received an @ reply on Twitter from Michael Johns (@michaeljohns), a former speechwriter for George H.W. Bush, in which Johns states that he’s missing from the timeline. This happened shortly after Micheal called out Barack Obama publicly on Twitter for lying. Here’s the link to all of Michael’s tweets in Twitter’s search index: You see, there are only a few tweets in the public timeline out of his 65 ( the # at the time of this writing) tweets.

I’m going to recommend that Michael piggyback on my thread at GS and post a description of his problem publicly. I’d encourage any other conservatives to do the same if they find themselves in the same situation of being censored, either by “bug”, happenstance, or intent.

“He who controls the news controls the views.”

Twitter, you need to get this corrected ASAP. It’s really starting to look suspect – even if it isn’t. #fail

Lose access to your MySpace profile email address? Send a "salute".

Posted in Social, Technology, Uncategorized by wolfsbayne on December 19, 2008

Uh…a salute?

No, not that kind. I recently let a domain expire that I wasn’t using and like a boob, I didn’t update my MySpace email address before it expired. Woops! No big deal, right? I’ll just send in a support request and get the email updated. Not so fast. Apparently, if you don’t have access to your old email address you have to send a support request with a “salute”.

What is a salute? According to MySpace:

To create and send a salute here’s what to do: salute2

  • Create a handwritten sign with the word and Include your MySpace Friend/Profile ID number. (Your friend ID is the number  after “&friendID=” in your profile’s web address/URL. If you can’t login, you can get this info by clicking on your profile)
  • Get a picture taken of you holding the handwritten sign. Be sure the photo is clear and the handwriting is easy to read. If we can’t read the information and see your face clearly, then we will ask for another salute. (If you do not have access to a digital camera, please consider the accessibility of disposable cameras and digital film processing available at most drug stores)
  • After you take the pic, send us an email to with the salute attached.


That’s not a bad idea if you don’t have access to your old email address *and* you don’t remember your password. But it makes no sense if you’re logged in. Just because you don’t have access to your old email address doesn’t necessarily follow that you forgot how to login to MySpace.

MySpace, you should let people submit support requests for email address changes while they’re logged-in so they don’t have to create a salute. As “stylish” as the salutes are, requiring them in every case, is completely unnecessary. Seriously, imagine me posing for a salute pic. Ew.

MySpace’s support nomenclature, FTL!

Is anyone even using Myspace anymore other than bands, filmmakers, emo kids, or Lori Drew?

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Brooks Bayne – Still Missing In The Twitter Public Timeline

Posted in Politics, Social, Technology by wolfsbayne on December 16, 2008


Either @brooksbayne has set twitter to private mode (hiding all messages from public view), or the messages between these users were so far apart in time that we couldn’t connect them.

…or he has NOT set twitter to private mode and he’s still missing from the public timeline.

What if a liberal who worked at Twitter got offended over something you posted and decided to censor you?

Posted in Parenting, Politics, Social, Startups, Technology by wolfsbayne on December 13, 2008

What if?

I’m gonna let some of you in on a little secret. I’m a conservative, recovering Libertarian, and self-described Independent. I don’t live in a bunker in some far away “Hickville”. I live in Los Angeles. I’m sure some of the liberals reading this know that L.A. is in California, but, if at the time you’re reading this, you’re too stoned to know, let me assure you that it is.

During the 2008 election cycle, I (@brooksbayne) made some new friends via Twitter – I also made some new “not friends”. Since the election’s been over, I’ve unwittingly become the resident and leading conservative in the L.A. tech scene (does that come with a door prize?). I’m not dogmatic about my views when I discuss issues with the other side. However, I’ve been told that I can be snarky.

One fine morning, about a month ago, a liberal mommy blogger got pissed off at some harmless Motrin ad posted sympathizing with babywearers about potential neck and back pain that wearing babies can cause. This liberal blogger posted some emotional nonsense on Twitter which was subsequently picked up by Jessica Gottlieb (@JessicaGottlieb) and the #MotrinMoms hashtag was created. Feeling quite pleased with herself after her initial #motrinmoms post, Jessica posted this:


Aw, cute, I just wanna pinch her little cheeks. I wonder if she talks to her kids this way while she’s wearing them.

FYI, I really don’t have anything against Jessica, or the aforementioned blogger, but I do think they were overreacting. Apparently, corporations can’t say *anything* about fads without getting unduly slammed for it. That’s right. I said fad. Although there are a few younger conservative women who may have been offended it seems a majority of the uproar was from the liberal corner. I asked my 5000 followers on Twitter, many of whom are conservative, if any were offended by the motrin ad. The only responses I got from my conservative mom followers were “No”. I do know of one young conservative mom who was offended, but she only repeated the #motrinmoms talking points.

You see, babywearing has been around in the conservative circles for many years, and in some cultures it’s been around as long as people can remember. Take a look at the photo below, dated 7/8/1996. Here’s a American conservative wearing a baby over 12 years ago…and it’s a man. Some of you might be thinking, “Damn, Brooks, you must’ve spent a long time trying to find this photo of a male babywearer predating the current babywearing fad on the Interwebz.” Well, actually, for those of you who know me can tell, that’s me in the photo along with my son right after he was born. Yeah, I know a thing or two about babywearing. Back then, the liberals I knew thought we were crazy for babywearing. My, how things have changed. As a babywearer, if ever there were an issue that could be described as a tempest in a teapot, it would be the motrin babywearing ad.

Brooks Bayne - Baby wearer.

“But Brooks, you can’t say this is some new fad.”

Yes we can!

Let’s take a look at the evidence of how babywearing has trended.  We can examine the 3 top resulting websites on Google for the term “babywearing” and the history of their content.

  1. By Google search rank: – registered 05-jan-2007 – content shortly after.
  2. – registered 23-jul-2003 but no babywearing information until September of that year per the Internet Wayback Machine.
  3. – registered in 30-jul-2001 *but this domain originally pointed to another domain that had *nothing* to do with babywearing when it was registered. In fact, there’s no babywearing information for this domain until late 2004 per the Internet Wayback Machine.

Next, we can look at Google’s blog indexes to gauge the propagation of the term “babywearing” in the blogosphere.

Google blog search has a whopping 5 blog posts indexed between January 2000 and the December 2003. However, from the January 2004 thru December 2007 over 12,000 blog posts were indexed. In 2008 alone, there have been over 35,000 blog posts indexed.

So, based on the above information, we can see the babywearing trend didn’t really get under way until 2004. Where we see a huge upswing in the stats for the term babywearing is in 2008. I wouldn’t say babywearing has “crossed the chasm” just yet.

I know, I know, you’re wondering what this all has to do with the title of this blog post.

Well, the last tweet of mine that was available in the public timeline and in was my snarky tweet in response to the whole overblown Motrin ad debacle. See for yourself:


Obviously, as a man who’s been a babywearer for longer than most of these newer upstart women babywearers, I think I would have a valid opinion about the hype over this. However, since posting that tweet, my newer tweets have not been posting to the public timeline and my posts are missing from search too. My Twitter account isn’t hidden/protected by me because you have to select the “protect my updates” checkbox to hide your profile. Mine’s not checked.


I first noticed something was up because I used Qwitter, now defunct, to let me know when people stopped following me. Days went by and all my Qwitter emails referred to that older #motrinmoms tweet of mine. Qwitter would list the last tweet you posted when someone quit following you. Since this was the last tweet of mine that was posted “publicly”, all my Quitter emails referred to it until the time Qwitter had it’s plug pulled by its devs, Contrast. I contacted the guys at Contrast. Here’s that exchange.


I’ve submitted 3 support requests to the folks at Twitter, but they haven’t responded. Twitter did respond to another unrelated support request within a couple days and resolved that issue. Interesting to note is the support request I submitted for this issue. Look at the the line marked (by me) with the red arrow in the pic below where it says “USER IS hidden on public timeline”. My account is obviously not hidden by me. A normal hidden account looks like this secondary account I created: My primary account isn’t hidden by me. So, how did my account become “hidden” in the public timeline?

I’m one of the the Top Conservatives on Twitter and I can’t post tweets with that group’s hashtag: #tcot. I mean, I can add the hashtag to my tweets, but if any people want to follow that hashtag using tools like Tweetdeck, they won’t see my tweets, because Tweetdeck searches hashtags in the public timeline.

It’s purely coincidental that my last post in the public timeline was regarding #motrinmoms, right? Although, theoretically, it wouldn’t be difficult for the devs to create another Bit column in Twitter’s database and keep people’s posts from hitting the public timeline and search by marking them hidden behind the scenes, but that would be censorship. Is @brooksbayne being censored by a liberal at Twitter who is sympathetic to the #motrinmoms? I have a feeling we’re about to find out.

ShareThis – New Sharing Data

Posted in Entertainment, Social, Startups, Technology by wolfsbayne on October 29, 2008

In August, ShareThis released some of their data to give you some insight to where your visitors are sharing to most. Email proved to be the number one destination for sharing activity. Today, they shared the top content categories of the sites that make up the ShareThis sharing network.

Looks like traditional entertainment content is still king.

I met Tim Shigel, CEO of ShareThis at an L.A. TechSet meetup. I like Tim’s vision. I hope Tim keeps sharing what ShareThis is learning.

More Online Ad Nonsense. This Time: Google’s "Masterdebators" Ad

Posted in Advertising, Social, Technology by wolfsbayne on October 16, 2008

I checked my email in GMail web interface and had yet another silly ad pushed to me from yet another large company’s ad platform. This time it’s Google’s ad platform and not Facebook’s. Google shows ads above the list of emails in your inbox within their web-based interface.

Do Facebook and Google have anyone on their respective ad platform teams who police the adbefore their use in the system? At some point, Google and Facebook will likely face something more than criticism if they don’t do a better job making their ads family friendly. Personally, my skin isn’t that thin, but we do live in an world of lawsuits.

Hypocritical Palin Haters On Twitter

Posted in Economy, Politics, Technology by wolfsbayne on October 15, 2008

As is probably evident, I’m not a big supporter of Barack Obama. His worldview, which the GOP can’t seem to define, is hopelessly socialist. However, I don’t hate him, or Joe Biden. In fact, I don’t hate anyone.

Miss Wasilla 1984 However, the liberal hate that’s fomented around Sarah Palin is curious. Liberals tout themselves as the “standard bearers” for “tolerance”. So where is the tolerance for Palin? Apparently, it’s gone with last night’s liberal bong water. I can see why liberals wouldn’t like her. She’s pretty, strong, believes in God, married, has great kids and has an 80% approval rating in her state as governor. Although, some secular progressive (SP) women on Twitter keep claiming they are smarter than Palin, but they produce no evidence to support the claim – this includes the SP women I know IRL. To be fair, there are a lot of folks on the other side of the fence that claim Biden is stupid too…oh wait…nm. 😉

I did a search on Twitter for the terms “Palin” and “Hate” this week right after the mainstream media accused McCain and Palin of hate speech for their questioning of Obama’s past associations.

The image below captured what my search turned up:


I was on my laptop so I didn’t get tons of results in my screenshot, but there were pages of the same sort. All parroting and retweeting the same story with inaccurate information, or plain liberal rhetoric.

A little over a week ago a search for the terms “Hate” and “Palin” was compiled by another blog:

aa86: Watched the debate and hate Palin even more. I don’t want to hear the word “maverick” for quite some time

marigola: Sarah Palin, you are not like me…you’re one of those fucking idiot Lifetime Channel watching hoes I hate

Najy: dude, everyone and my little brother hate palin. um, me included. dear america: this is what you want? I’m scared.

huettman: MAN does my wife HATE Sarah Palin…might be because she keeps winking at me.

patzy: Hate Palin. If she keeps it up, they are going to revoke our voting rights

ErinaB: I hate palin!!!

chucklenugget: Sarah Palin, I hate her hate her hate her hate her hate her….She sounds like a kindergarten school teacher

johnnycho: #vpdebate The more she tries to be likeable, the more I hate Sarah Palin.

astronomerpants: Sarah Palin I hate you with the fire of a thousand suns.

queenjulie: Hate Sarah Palin, but feel sorry for her now–she’s doing a 90-minute debate in stilletos? My feet ache for her.

ayearatthewheel: WTF!?!?! you twitter fools, Palin, asking if she can call him Joe is proper and polite… FOOLS – ALL OF YOU! btw I hate Palin types.

bloodyscreamo69: i hate palin

bobrio69: god i hate her but palin looks dope tonight #current

televisionarie: oh i just hate sarah palin’s voice and everything else about her so much. so very, very much.

thepete: #VPDebate HATE Palin already. “Hey, can I call you Joe?” “NO BITCH! SHUT UP BITCH!”

bnh: @Phyrdancer ZEITGEIST is some crazy you know what! oh and did I mention I hate palin!

RockCandyRags: I hate Palin’s sarcasm,so unattractive & stupid 4 someone trying to convince ppl to vote for her,but hope she lets it spew during VP debate!

adamjamess: i hate palin

jepowell: What a bitch! (expand) I hate Sarah Palin

xoxorho: @revmitcz Great blog! I LOVE the Carl Sagan quote. God I hate Palin. Can’t wait for the Thursday night fights!

nitetooth: I hate palin 😦

donnaschubert: @ricksanchezcnn as a professional woman I hate that palin seems to overly rely on her beauty and charisma rather than her on brains

holecomic: @cadrys Oh. No, I don’t really hate either Obama or McCain. But I think that Palin as president would make us a joke. She’s a clown-veep.

praxisblog: (The fact that there are countless good reasons to hate Palin is more or less a coincidence, I suspect.)

csoto: hate to be harsh but calling sarah palin a tool is an absolute insult to tools…. and elizabeth hasselbeck is a nimrod

The_Norah: I hate stupid women. Stupid men suck, but thats a contained problem. When a woman is stupid, it hurts all women. Ex: Palin, camwhores, etc.

PriyaRaju: The reason I hate Palin so much is, she got picked only because she’s an idiotic woman. I sort of feel betrayed by that jackass.

themia: i hate women who only want to vote for Palin because she has a vagina. Fuck YOU.

ryanrpalkovic: Debates are pointless. They’re both going to ramble off their standard responses. You’re still going to hate palin and love bieden

gregwool: christ i hate being sick. also, sarah palin.

tweelings_en: HATE> I just realized that Palin has made me hate Alaska. I’m sorry Alaska. (expand)

megancharles: What? ‘Axe Diesel Palin‘? I hate you, Mom! (expand)

dantekgeek: I just realized that Palin has made me hate Alaska. I’m sorry Alaska.

EveGrey: ooh, I really hate the name Palin now. It sounds so harsh to my wee ears.

NotStyro: I think Biden performed well, while Palin was sloppy and went off-topic to often (and I hate her voice-argh!)

LuliB: hate hate hate hate hate palin (there, i’m staying out of politics now)

pratikp7368: i hate palin

Live_Love_Rock: I hate sarah palin. she makes me ashamed to have my name.

alisaharris: Woman next to me to palin: ‘you’ll kill the f–ng polar bears you bitch! We hate you!’

lesliebot: crud i hate sarah palin

brittanyc: i really hate palin’s snide little smile. rubs me the wrong way.

Ambrose58: i hate Palin #current

jp_abello: I really really hate palin. More than any other politician ever

Haloinc: I hate Palin #current

jamtomorrow: my God I hate Palin’s foksy bullshit.

kufflink: I hate Palin’s glasses tonight. Where are those Tina Fey glasses I love so.

planethunt: I…I hate Sarah Palin.

jenlaughs: hate. palin. so. much.

mdh85: I hate Palin so much. So so much.

am6290: Sarah Palin is a fucking retard! I can’t believe im watching the vice presidential debate. I hate politics!

Dazshia: I hate Palin’s smiling sarcasm. Hate it Hate it!

phatduckk: i hate Palin

Dantcer: RT @verucablue: I hate Palin’s “gosh darn you betcha can I call ya Joe” bull. And if she says reform one more time, I’ll slap her.

Leesie: Is it just me, or is Sarah Palin almost posing while she talks. God I hate that woman! Also: Something amazing just happened ❤

nymetsfan: #vpdebate Palin needs to get that grin off her face…im starting to hate her even more

djtanuki: I fucking hate Sarah Palin

jamestinsley: Wow I really hate Sarah Palin.. Go at her Joe!

smugasarug: god i hate sarah palin’s voice

chelseamoylan: stop staring at me palin, i hate chu.

jp_abello: I hate palin

tremorx: @skeet2461 Palin makes the whole country hate hockey moms

gsnail: Loving the Palin hate on Twitter. Shame I can’t watch the debate to watch the fail.

sofistakit: Sarah Palin, I hate you so much..and yet, I want to hold you.

conahan: Man, I hate Palin’s hamburger helper accent.

searingblue: Sarah palin: a big folksy ball of bullshit that makes me hate America. Yeah, that’s right, Sarah palin=the downfall of America

blackjew: VP Debate you would really have to hate America to support Sarah Palin

BettaSmetta: okay, i can finally say something nice about palin … her suit is beautiful …. but i still hate her

Overshee: that was a very short 1:30, but quite good. It only cemented my hate of Palin, I have to say. She’s a cunt. Anyways, biden did a good job

Becco: Wow. I really like Joe Biden a lot. Still hate Palin. Maybe even more than before.

sepiamutiny: Mutineer CoffeeFace: “I now hate alaska, bulldogs, and the sound of Sarah Palin’s voice.”

s0_fam0us: this just in: I still hate sarah palin.

capnjoy: I hate palin more b/c she’s a stupid unqualified woman who is setting feminism back. is that wrong?

hatersonlyhate: The filter of the mainstream media?! I hate you, Palin.

jewcyjuice: I officially hate the word ‘maverick’ and want to bitch-slap the stupid out of Palin. Dear god.

sareeloo2001: I offically hate the word Maverick. McCain is NOT a Maverick. Neither is Palin. She is so full of shit I can smell it from here!!!!!

milestonkin: Sarah Palin makes me hate people

elzombo: “Dog gone it” i hate you Palin.

quartertonality: #current Sarah Palin makes me hate America.

Afficionados_HH: GOD I HATE PALIN you bimbo Satan Anti-Christ hideous idiot, man and Dinos together I’ve seen evidence you f-wit.

dekkerdreyer: Palin reminds me of my elementary school teachers and I hate her for it.

grindz145: I fucking hate politics (and palin) what ever happened to punk rock and vigilante justice?

NewMonarch: I really hate Palin’s fake perky voice. Very belittling.

lyrica42: Sarcasm will get you nowhere Palin, except in my heart with a bit more hate.

K_Knight: It’s so obvious I’m not into how Washington works??? Palin, I hate you…but I don’t agree with suicide #current

Chorazin: #current God I hate Palin.

jzay: jews hate sarah palin, sez the jewess sitting next to me

jeffd44: Dear palin, I fucking hate you

esaitta3: I HATE SARAH PALIN!!! #current

jesuiseval: I hate Sarah Palin. I hate her shit eating grin and her condescending tone. You NEED to play a drinking game to watch this debate.

ben_h: Sarah Palin: I don’t hate many people, but I hate you.

dominicdb: Biden is a beast. i’m pro-him. and frankly, though i hate the hell out of her, Palin is killing it on some Palin shit. which sucks.

fleep: #vpdebate I just can’t help it, I HATE Palin’s constant folksy crap.


kristynmarie: I hate Sarah Palin. The woman is a twit!

sethgoldstein: my god i hate palin’s accent

thatgamergirl: hahahaah, watching as I pack! “Team of Mavericks” Gotta love to hate Palin.

hapagirl: Officially hate Palin. It’s Nook-LEE-are, not Nook-YOU-lear. Dammit.

RidleyGriff: Very interesting – according to CNN focus group, women HATE Palin and love Biden. #current

Dazshia: Sorry but Palin reminds me of some cheesy-bimbo-political cartoonish personna! Plenty of comic material there!!

Veronica19: Pakistani President had a fatwa issued on his head for flirting with Palin. Now we know, she winked and he tapped her too

susankirbysmith: Palin is an idiot

dswinder: Sarah Palin is just flat out unintelligent.

lisahubbert: Palin is still trying to become the Prom Queen. Grow up.

cameragrrl: Learned from the debate tonight: I hate Palin more than Dubya.

makesmewant: sarah palin makes me want to vomit. her ridiculous grasp of the constitution is just horrific.: sarah palin makes me want to v..

Sparky6768: Ugh. I hate Palin SO much.

Wow…I’m guessing you see a difference. Previously, the liberal Everyman didn’t have his talking points from master mainstream media. It’s clear there’s a huge amount of hypocrisy on Twitter amongst the liberal Everyman. You publicly engage in hateful writing (and I’m guessing you speak it too when offline, I’ve heard some of you) toward Sarah, and as soon as your liberal mainstream media masters give you a talking point, you attack Sarah claiming she’s a hater.

The problem is that Sarah Palin didn’t state that she hated anyone, nor did she imply that she hated anyone, unlike all you people who posted your hate obama-no-patriot publicly and directly toward her on Twitter so there would be no room for uncertainty. Sarah simply called into question Barack Obama’s judgment over his relationships. This is a perfectly valid point to raise.

Imagine if John McCain sat on a board with Timothy McVeigh (srsly, imagine the Twitterverse if that were the case), or went to David Duke’s church (if he were a pastor), you would want those relationships called into question, right? I would. Why don’t any of you want Obama’s relationships investigated. Hypocrisy? Fear that the world will find something that will destroy your agent of “Change”? The more we dig the more we find that Barack hasn’t been truthful (i.e. “Ayers is a guy in my neighborhood”, “I never worked for Acorn”, etc.). If there were a real concerted effort, by the mainstream media, to truly investigate this guy, we might find a whole lot more. We’ve only scratched the surface of vetting this man, IMO. Personally, I’d like to see Obama’s college records that he refuses to release. What else is Barack hiding? Again, questioning Barack’s past is not hate.

Even if Sarah did claim to hate someone, most of you have disqualified yourselves to say anything about it and have anyone take you seriously. That’s a real life example of hypocrisy for some of you.

I’d encourage anyone with any semblance of intelligence to ignore the likes of haters. Don’t get caught up in their dark sad world. Haters typically can’t be reasoned with due to their inability to override their internal fool. You don’t have to like Sarah Palin, but you shouldn’t hate her either.

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Brooks Bayne (wolfsbayne) has Oz Sultan as a fan? Of course he does.

Posted in Social, Technology by wolfsbayne on October 14, 2008

Check out Sean Percival’s video of Oz Sultan singing me a lullaby. Kinda creepy, but strangely entertaining.