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Jewelry Store Owner Defends Himself With His Handgun

Posted in Uncategorized by wolfsbayne on January 29, 2009

Sometimes self-defense isn’t pretty, but it’s never ugly like the actions of criminals are.

The following video shows two men attempting to rob a jewelry store. When these two boobs mace the store owner, he pulls his gun and enters the self defense portion of his day.

I love the fact that the criminals got locked in and couldn’t get out. I can only imagine the thought of, “Oh sh*t, this was a mistake”, when these two bums realized, in that split second, they were trapped and might suffer immediate consequences at the hands of their intended victim. [killer realization when you learn that the other person brought a gun to your spicy aerosol fight. oops!]

Although the two morons were shot, fortunately, neither was killed. You can see the cops show up and arrest the thugs at the end of the video.

It’s interesting that the video was edited at the end. I wonder what was cut. This video was released today by police in Phoenix, AZ.

Props to the store owner for keeping his wits and defending himself.

2nd Amendment FTW!!!

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