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Facebook Reverts Back To Original TOS

Posted in Uncategorized by wolfsbayne on February 17, 2009

Facebook in response to the mountain of feedback they received when they posted a change to their TOS which implied they would own content after an account was deleted:

“A couple of weeks ago, we posted an update to our Terms of Use that we hoped would clarify some parts of it for our users. Over the past couple of days, we have received a lot of questions and comments about these updated terms and what they mean for people and their information. Because of the feedback we received, we have decided to return to our previous Terms of Use while we resolve the issues that people have raised. For more information, visit the Facebook Blog.”

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More Online Ad Nonsense. This Time: Google’s "Masterdebators" Ad

Posted in Advertising, Social, Technology by wolfsbayne on October 16, 2008

I checked my email in GMail web interface and had yet another silly ad pushed to me from yet another large company’s ad platform. This time it’s Google’s ad platform and not Facebook’s. Google shows ads above the list of emails in your inbox within their web-based interface.

Do Facebook and Google have anyone on their respective ad platform teams who police the adbefore their use in the system? At some point, Google and Facebook will likely face something more than criticism if they don’t do a better job making their ads family friendly. Personally, my skin isn’t that thin, but we do live in an world of lawsuits.

Facebook, Are You Cindy McCain’s Pimp? Bang Who?

Posted in Politics, Social, Technology by wolfsbayne on July 7, 2008

You know the morning routine (order varies by day).

  1. Check email
  2. Check phone
  3. Check 15 social networking sites

Well, yesterday morning I was checking site number 2 of the 15 social networking sites as part of my current social graph activities. For me, site number 2 is Facebook. As I’m checking my friends’ activity steams, I noticed this little “gem” of an ad in Facebook’s lower left ad placeholder.

Bang Cindy?

Aw, how cute? Imagine if this had been Obama’s wife. Hmm…Bang Mrs. Obama…

This weekend, I tweeted about the difference in Obama and McCain’s number of supporters on Facebook not reflecting what current youth vote polls show. The polls show the youth vote is near tied even though McCain trails with 162,599 supporters on Facebook compared to Obama’s 1,113,905 supporters (still wonder how many of those are real ppl). In my tweet, I also poked fun at social media not delivering in the youth vote polls even though Barack has nearly 10 times the supporters on Facebook. Maybe, in some cases, this “social media thing” really is about substance and not just numbers.

One thing of which I’m certain is this – if the ad had used Michelle Obama rather than Cindy McCain as the object, you would have likely already heard about this by now. At least a few of the 1mil+ supporters of Obama on Facebook would’ve seen the ad and tipped off a firestorm of racially motivated noise all over the blogosphere. MSNBC woulda ran this as a breaking tech news story and it would still be on the newscasters’ teleprompters today – k, maybe I’m exaggerating a little. Today, still not even a blip about Cindy. I’m guessing I’m the one who will break this “news” and you probably won’t hear about it again, unless I know you personally and we talk about it the next time I see you.

So, even if the larger numbers of political supporters on Facebook, or more generally, within the social graph, doesn’t translate to leveling the political playing field, it surely helps one with reputation management. More eyes always means more whistle-blowers.

Personally, for the record, Cindy McCain is cuter than Michelle Obama, but the ad was ridiculous and Facebook should police its ads better. So much for the theory of tuning out online ads as some ppl say we are conditioned to do now.