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Liberals Being Intolerant On Twitter Again – This Time Over Prop 8

Posted in Politics, Social by wolfsbayne on November 6, 2008

The people have spoken in California, again. This time Californian’s have voted to amend the state’s constitution to contain, “Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid and recognized in California.”

On November 5th, 2008, with 100% of the precincts reporting, the tally is:

Yes Votes % No Votes %
5,387,939 52.5% 4,883,460 47.5%

Let’s see what the standard-bearers of “tolerance” have to say about it on Twitter.

xtopher42: Retweeting @jacobjackson: The bigots who voted for Prop 8 can die in a fire.
meredithmo: So many emotions this morning. I’m overwhelmed.We’re solid as Barack, but Prop 8 supporters need to die in a fire.
gazellesoncrack: I’m waiting for CA Prop 8 results & want to say if my best friend isn’t married tomorrow, I will kick each &every voter until they die.
0Randy0: Prop 8 supporters can eat shit and die
wilw: Resolved: the next asshole who encourages me to vote yes on prop 8 via bigoted flyer on my doorstep will be encouraged to die in a fire.
Smalltimejazz: PROP 8 can go to hell. Fuck religion.
_jas_: After Prop 8, it’s clear that religious groups shouldn’t be a protected class of people under the law. Oppressors needn’t be protected.
Melindhra: @RJToronto Prop 8 is bullshit. I can’t believe that anyone wouldbe stupid enough to vote for it.
FearCake: I hate to say it but finding out that over 70 percent of blacks voting for prop 8 makes me very distrustful of themas a whole.
_jas_: It’s laughable that the LDS was such huge supporter of Prop 8. Can they really be protectors of marriage? Polygamist bigots.
ajkl27: the whole prop 8 thing makes me wanna move to california and go on a jason style rampage
timbond: @pdxmikek I am with you there. I can’t get over the evil that is Prop 8
JamesJumpsuit: Fuck my parents for voting YES on prop 8,stupid hairy cunts!
Plaid23: I truly wish death on those who supported prop.8 in Cali.An amendment to limit freedom? Shame on you! Please die soon and horribly!
sleepingschnauz: mad that prop 8 passed.stupid right Wing christians.
nexusdivine: fuck you prop 8…fuck you.right in the ass.with a REAL mans cock.
electasy: Today just SUCKS! Prop 8 SUCKS! 52% of California?s population SUCKS! /cry
jhorsley3: to California any anyone who supported it – FUCK YOU FOR PROP 8
Miss_AnnThrope: also, I’m going to go take a shit on some yes for prop 8 signs, anyone wanna join?
deets: Fuck you California and the Mormon Church for passing Prop 8. Seriously, go fuck yourselves
urban_ryoga: Is restraining himself from pissing on all Yes on Prop 8 signs
Ryudo9: prop 8 can eat donkey cock cheese, that’s just messed up. Like a giant dump on the bill of rights
whatszachdoing: california voted yes on prop 8. FUCK YOU CALI! FUCK YOU LONG AND HARD! no offense @Myrindaside + @leslie666
barr: With prop 8 passing, the next person who says CA is a liberal state should be punched in the mouth
timylee: Not all battles were won last night, shocked by the passing of Prop.8 (aka,Prop. Hate) in Cali. Talk about a dose of bigotry.
sfosav: After Prop 8 I have no faith in religion.Who are religious nutbags to say who marries who. F you Church.
eschaton: I won’t be leaving politics behind, especially the abomination that is Prop 8. If you voted for that, you may asĀ  well have joined the Klan.
Merosmash: Hey California … WTF IS WITH PASSING PROP 8, YOU HORRIBLE BASTARDS? (not all of you, 48% of you are cool)
girliedrummer: DD: i cannot believe that Prop 8 was passed! i’m ticked!!! everyone who voted for Prop 8 is a bunch of homo-phobic bitches!!!
ShadowSync: The passing on Prop 8 is a piece of Henious fuckery most foul.
skywaterblue: Just remember about Prop 8: We are many. We are legion. We cannot be stopped. We have over 9000 PENISES ALL RAPING YOUR CHILDREN.
eschewcapitals: seriously, is anyone actually happy with the outcome of prop 8? (and if you are, i’d advise you getaway from me quickly)
erikthedane: To the fucktards in CA that voted in Prop 8, may you never know the happiness you are trying to deny people.
sprigglebot: Fuck prop 8!
spleenless1der: I think passing Prop 8 lowered the state IQ by a few points…seriously, the idiots are out en masse šŸ˜¦
Meredith122: If you voted for prop 8 FUCK YOU

Let’s see, threats of death, many by fire (fire? no idea, must be some gay retribution thing), and plenty of ad hominem statements (if they even qualify that high), hate speech against blacks and Christians, or mostly just vitriolic tirades. Take a look through Twitter’s search engine and try to find a Prop 8 supporter engaging in such behavior. I couldn’t.

many_eels: I’m not sure of i want prop 8 to go to the supreme court just yet. I’m scared of what they’ll say

Anyway, I included the last tweet above since many_eels seemed to be the smartest one of the bunch. After Prop 8 was decided by the people, several law suits were filed claiming “foul”. However, the gay rights groups have called for people not to file cases in federal court. Pushing this issue now and having the case ultimately fail in front of the Supreme Court will take gay marriage off the table for generations. Gays, it’s your call. Let this drop now for a bit, or get spanked at the federal bench? Although, some of you might like the sound of that.


How I’m Voting On California’s Ballot Initiatives/Propositions

Posted in Politics by wolfsbayne on November 4, 2008

Prop 1A- Safe, Reliable High-Speed Passenger Train Bond Act for the 21st Century.

  • For – We need a high speed rail in this country. If there’s any state that needs better public transportation, it’s California. Cost be damned on this one, IMO. Someone has to take the lead.

Prop 2- Treatment of Farm Animals.

  • Against – California law already protects animals. If you want animals raised a certain way, then raise your own or buy your meat from places that you trust.

Prop 3- Childrenā€™s Hospital Bond Act. Grant Program.

  • Against – Too costly. Let the hospitals buy their own equipment.

Prop 4- Waiting Period and Parental Notification Before Termination of Minorā€™s Pregnancy.

  • For – I’m a dad. I would want to know if my child was considering an abortion. Bottom line, if I’m the person liable for everything my child does until he/she is an adult, it’s my right to know what sort of care and/or advice they are getting.

Prop 5- Nonviolent Offenders. Sentencing, Parole and Rehabilitation.

  • Against – Do the crime. Do the time. Duh!

Prop 6- Criminal Penalties and Laws. Public Safety Funding.

  • For – Revisions to gang related crime law which is completely necessary. Sentences would be increased for gang-related crimes.

Prop 7- Renewable Energy.

  • Against – Too flawed and draconian.

Prop 8- Limit on Marriage.

  • For – Just like the signs in the restaurants that declare “no shoes, no shirt, no service” are for someone who actually walked into the place expecting to get service without shoes and a shirt. These days we need to put up signs for everything, unfortunately. This sign is a permanent “no service” sign for all those who haven’t been paying attention.

Prop 9- Criminal Justice System. Victimsā€™ Rights. Parole.

  • For – Creates more rights for crime victims. Currently, crazy liberal judges and the system can limit the rights of victims and create leniency for criminals. This mandates accountability.

Prop 10- Bonds.Ā  Alternative Fuel Vehicles and Renewable Energy.

  • Against – The prop gives tax dollars to one company, one owned by T. Boone Pickens. Wasn’t he willing to spend his own money to move us “forward”?

Prop 11- Redistricting for voting districts.

  • For – Many people have complained about political gridlock and this prop addresses that by creating new districts to encourage bipartisanship.

Prop 12- Veteransā€™ Bond Act of 2008.

  • For – The Republican and Democratic parties support this. More loans and assistance for vets is a good thing. Period.